Pedicab Basics


We're totally psyched you want a ride.  But while the ride itself is a simple treat, there are lots of varieties rides come in.  So we pulled together the basics below to help you figure out the best choice in ride options.

Where we can bring you.

We ride anywhere in Newport, Rhode Island.  Some spots around town may be daunting and limit our ability to provide the ride you want, so please call us at 401-432-5498 to double check to make sure your locations are easy to access.


When are we out pedaling?

We’re out from 10am to 2am from May-September. While we have been known to ride in other months, it is always best to call and check our availability.


How you'll all fit.

Our pedicabs are designed for two or three adults (sometimes it gets a little cozy with three), or two adults and two small children (6 or 7 years old and younger).


How pricing works for regular rides.

There is no set rate for regular (non-tour) rides. That means you get to make up the price. You read correctly! You decide what you want to pay.

What’s a fair payment in this flexible “open fare” system? Any driver can give you payment examples and guide you through what are the most common amounts people pay.


How tours work.

Tours can be booked for any time during the day or evening, and can cover literally anywhere within Newport.  Your imagination is the only limit.

Feel free to flag down drivers on the street for an instant tour, or book here online to plan your tour in advance


Groups parties and company rides.

Need a few pedicabs for a group? No problem! On group rides, our cabs will stay together in a herd to make sure the group stays cohesive.

Book your group ride right here.


Booking in advance.

Usually we can get a driver to where you are within 15-20 minutes of the time you call.

The more notice you give, the easier it is for us to ensure availability! For tours it's best to book a few hours ahead. For and large events and parties, try for 24 hours in advance if possible.  

But even if you have to cut it close give us a try. Sometimes we can accommodate on relatively short notice!


Seasonal riding

Every day in the summer we ride. For us, this means from April through early October, but early and late in the season we may run a limited number of days per week.  If you're looking for a ride in the spring or fall, please check and make sure we're out on the road!


Mother Nature's influence.

If there’s steady rain, snow or ice, we may stay home just like you do. (But sometimes, on hot summer days, riding in a light shower is actually tons of fun.) On cooler nights, most of our pedicabs will have snuggly blankets on board.